10 Good Topics for Sociology Research Paper

Sociology is a scientific discipline that studies one of the most complicated and dynamic structures – the human society. As this sphere is extremely intricate and voluminous, it creates countless opportunities for those who have to choose sociological topics to write about.

The following list of ideas for sociology papers represents the variety of topics to choose from:

  1. The Simpsons as a reflection of an American social unit.

    Explore the characteristics of the smallest social unit; select ones that are peculiar to American families, according to famous sociologists who studied them. Compare them to the ones shown in the cult cartoon.

  2. Gender stereotypes: the gunner to his linstock, and the steersman to the helm.

    Define the spheres that are traditionally considered to be occupied by men, as well as ones intended for women. Organize polls among the representatives of different generations to retrace the dynamics of these views.

  3. Modern beauty standards: the creators and the interested parties.

    Explore which features were considered beautiful at different stages of human society’s evolution. Concentrate on the ones that are dominant nowadays, and people who benefit from them.

  4. Looking for a job as a young woman: the myths and realities.

    Investigate the jobs opportunities for women; dwell on the ones that are considered both appropriate and inappropriate for them. State whether the reasons for this are objective and grounded.

  5. Brains vs appearances in modern society.

    Write about the features that are considered to be the most attractive in the contemporary world. Organize a poll to find out which ones dominate nowadays.

  6. The ultimate symbols of prosperity: the past and the present.

    Study the ways people used to demonstrate their material welfare such as with cars, estates, jewelry, or plastic surgery. Trace these tendencies from the earliest times to the present.

  7. The Internet and teenagers: two sides of one opportunity.

    Examine on the advantages and disadvantages the World Wide Web provides underage children. Find the ones that dominate.

  8. Racial segregation: ghettoes and elite housing.

    Write about the habit human beings have in organizing living areas according to ethnical and material principles. Trace the changes within the habit that have appeared recently.

  9. Stay-at-home-kids: the roots of the problem.

    Investigate the reasons that cause adults to go on living with their parents. Organize a poll to find out whether this tendency still exists.

  10. Violence in the family: the history of this issue.

    Study the original causes of domestic violence by delving into the history of human evolution.

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