15 Great Research Paper Topics for High School

When it comes to selecting research paper topics for high school, choosing the right one can be challenging at times. There are many topics available, but students have to find one that interests them. To begin, students should brainstorm a list of topics that they find interesting. Afterward, they should work on narrowing down the list to topics that they are knowledgeable about and can research. At the end, one topic should remain that will work for the essay. To get started on brainstorming, students can consider some of the following 15 topics.

  1. Should juveniles be tried and punished in the same way as adults? Should there be an age younger than 18 that allows teenagers to be tried in adult courtrooms?
  2. Is it all right for parents to choose the gender of their baby? In many countries, this type of practice leads to the abortion or infanticide of the unwanted gender. How much power should parents have over the traits of their baby?
  3. What type of offenders should be given the death penalty? Should the death penalty be used as a standard punishment in certain cases?
  4. Should affirmative action be used in university enrollments? Some schools and workplaces do not allow people to fill in their ethnicity or race. Is this a step toward a positive racial environment?
  5. Should high school students be forced to study environmental science during their school years?
  6. Should doctor-assisted suicide or euthanasia be made legal?
  7. The United States does not currently have an official language. Should the official language of the United States be legally changed to English?
  8. Should disabled children attend school with other students or at a special institution?
  9. Does capital punishment work to deter people from committing crimes?
  10. Is the use of animals in scientific research ethical? How should it be limited?
  11. Why are obesity rates rising? What are some ways to counteract this change?
  12. What are current human rights violations in the United States and how can they be fixed?
  13. Should minors be allowed to access social media sites like Facebook?
  14. Will China become the next global superpower? Why or why not?
  15. Can the intelligence of animal species be tested? If so, how do they measure up to humans?

These general, societal and scientific research ideas are intended for high school students. Although there are many ideas on this list, students can come up with any topic that suits their specific interest. In general, it is easier for students to write and research a topic that they find interesting.

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