Easy Tips on How to Adopt MLA Format for Research Paper Outline

Using an MLA formatting technique for your research paper outline is a great idea, because you won’t have to go back after you’re done the paper to add in the format. Having an outline you can use for the paper, already put into MLA format, will save you time in the long run. If you haven’t already started your outline, you can follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you know what your teacher’s instructions mean and what he expects to be reading for your research paper
  2. Write out notes or ideas for each section of your paper
  3. You can do some preliminary research if you like, and put it into the appropriate place in your outline
  4. Lastly, write how each subtopic and idea connects back to your main topic

Making your Outline fit MLA Format

Now that you have a working outline, you can begin to add the MLA format into your work. If you’re using a document editor on your computer, then when you write the actual research paper, you can type directly into the same document and you’ll keep the formatting, making things even simpler. Do this by taking that outline and using the following tips:

  • Put 1” margins around the document of your outline
  • Make sure the page numbers are on the top right corner of every page
  • Use double spacing in the entire research paper
  • When writing your own comments, use present tense
  • For direct quotes, you can leave the tense that the author used
  • Remember to italicise or underline book titles

If you have as much of this as you can fit into your outline, you’ll have a stronger foundation for your essay. You’ll also be able to more easily write out the first draft of your paper and add the research into the appropriate places. Once you’ve looked at the steps and put them into place, it makes the paper writing so much easier. Your overall structure will be much more readable and accessible to your teacher, getting you a better grade. Since a research paper is usually worth a lot of marks for your class overall, it’s important to do as well on this assignment as you can. Research paper writing won’t be as much of a struggle for you anymore as long as you’re using this strategy for doing MLA format in your outline.

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