Unexplored US History Topics for a Research Paper

Some students may find it impossible to find a topic that has not been discussed or researched. At this point, it is up to you to make your topic interesting based on knowledge and what you want others to know about the content. U.S history has a significant number of events, people and places that make the idea of an unexplored topic almost a joke. For the most part, students can research ideas and find something others may not know about. Consider the following US history topic ideas to help you get started?

  • Oceans surrounding the United States. How old are the oceans surrounding the United States? How did they get their names? What are things known to be at the bottom of them? How many accidents have happened in the last 20 years? What were some of the earliest hurricanes and tropical storms to develop in these waters and hit the United States?
  • The United States Military. How was each branch of the military developed? Which branch is the oldest? Which branch has fought the most wars? Which branches cost the country the most money? What happened to the military draft and why did men at one point require a sign up for the military years ago? What were some unknown controversies in the military? When were women allowed to serve?
  • Planets and the solar system. Whose idea was it to travel into space? What experiments were conducted in the United States that helped astronomers learn about the planets? Who were some of the earliest astronomers learning about the solar system? What did people use to look at the stars and planets before telescopes were developed?
  • Spoken languages. How many languages are spoken in the United States? What were some of the earliest languages spoken besides English? Should the United States make it mandatory for people to learn more than one language? What is the most popular language spoken besides English?
  • Health and medicine. What were some of the first medicines developed and manufactured in the United States? What were health conditions that pose public threat during the 1940s and 1950s? How is cancer being treated now compared to the 1960s?
  • Albert Einstein. What significant contributions did he make when he moved to the United States? What other distinguished individual’s did he work with that also became important figures in American history?

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