15 Good Ideas For A Research Paper On Physics For College

Writing a research paper in physics might seem frightening because this science is so complex and mysterious sometimes. However, if you pick an interesting topic, the whole research paper may turn into a wonderful adventure. Remember that physics is not necessarily difficult; it explains how everything works in our world, and all you need to do is choose an issue that you always wanted to find out more about. The following ideas may be interesting to research:

  1. The physics of hydraulics nowadays and in the past.
  2. Compare modern views on hydraulics with the inventions of Aristotle and Archimedes.

  3. Can people live on Mars?
  4. Try to find the latest NASA reports. What are their latest ideas about the possibilities of human dwellings on Mars? Suggest your ideas as well. What should be done to make the colonization of this planet possible?

  5. How does a catapult work?
  6. What are the key principles of throwing items at great distances by means of catapults?

  7. Friction: reasons and results.
  8. Investigate the phenomenon of friction. How is it caused?

  9. Falling stars and the speed of light.
  10. What is the difference between the moment when a star burns out and the moment when you see it?

  11. Carbon dioxide and global warming.
  12. Highlight the phenomenon of the greenhouse effect. Why is carbon dioxide “responsible” for this problem?

  13. Lightning: an environmentally friendly and free energy source. How can this energy be taken in? Conduct research on the power of lightning. Where can it be used most?
  14. Tsunami: causes and interpretations.
  15. Look through the latest research materials on this phenomenon. Why are tsunamis not correlated with tidal waves anymore?

  16. Is it possible to deceive cameras?
  17. How do digital surveillance devices work? What can people do to not be detected by cameras?

  18. The speed of sound by example of a thunderstorm.
  19. Investigate the speed of sound through the occurrence of lightning and thunder.

  20. The most important invention in physics nowadays.
  21. The physics behind reflections.
  22. How do rays of light reflect on different mirrored surfaces? Experiment and share your results.

  23. How do birds fly?
  24. Investigate the flight process of a bird; prepare an interesting presentation on the topic.

  25. What are rainbows made of?
  26. Explain the principles of rainbow creation.

  27. Waves: how do they help explore the world around us?
  28. What wave types are used in modern technologies? How do they work?

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