Food Delivery Systems: Management Skills and Entrepreneurship

How investors will obtain a viable return on investment

There are several ways that investors will obtain a viable return on their initial investments with Holistic Food Delivery Systems. Since the startup costs are significant compared to maintenance, the increased traffic to the site over time will create a valuable means of providing services. Since the restaurants and meal preparation services exist independently from the website/app venture, it will be possible for investors to collect a percentage of the fees generated from each transaction over time. The only maintenance that is necessary would be updating the site and maintaining information and practice standards.

Ultimately investors would have a long-term return on the investment because over time, as people become more aware of the products and services available, the greater site traffic will cultivate more sales and increased revenue overall. The costs for service are also fixed, ensuring that there will be few unforeseen expenses that the company may burden over time. This is related to the overall services that restaurants provide as their costs and fluctuations will be subject to policies ensuring they compensate for any differentiation. There are several ways in which the commercial viability and unique nature of this proposition will transcend limitations of other comparable ventures. Since meal recommendations will be integrated within the application, it is possible that the site will see more frequent sales from each consumer. This can be related to the quality of meal recommendations as well as the timing of prompts encouraging the individual to eat or plan a meal. It is beneficial to the platform when the user engages in metrics that quantify their eating habits because the application will be able to suit their needs better over time. Because of this unique feature, there will ideally be greater volumes of sales as well as promotion of newly added service providers to gain recognition.

Consistent with other business trends in the field such parameters will ensure the long-term viability and ease of management for the corporation. Such streamlined practices will benefit the investors because of an increasingly growing return on their investment as the delivery service garners greater traffic and provider implementation. Investors will benefit from a high return in terms of a greater volume of sales, more consistent sales from each consumer, and a highly reputed and recognized value of service that encourages health in addition to the sale of food products.

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