A Great Tutorial on How to Write a Research Summary Paper

Writing any sort of summary is an essay in mini form. While it is a part of a research paper or an essay, it can be seen as a separate document. There are a number of characteristics which go towards making an excellent summary and there are a few tips you should consider before writing it.

The very first tip is to delay writing the summary of your research paper. In fact many would argue that the best time or the only time to write the summary is when your research paper is complete. You might be tempted to write it after you've done quite a bit of research or when you've finished the plan or outline of your research paper but hold off and wait until the introduction and body paragraphs of your research paper are complete.

What are you looking for in a good research paper summary?

As silly as it may seem, the best source for data or information to put in your summary comes from your own writing. Once you've completed everything apart from the summary, it might be a good idea, assuming you have the time to do this, to put the research paper to one side for a day or two and get on with other things. This means that when you come back to your writing, you are looking at it with fresh eyes. And it is these fresh eyes which you need in order to go through your research paper.

Make a list of the main points you have made. You are not referring to the references you may have included in your research paper but simply to the main points you have listed. Of course you must be aware of your thesis statement as the reason for creating this research paper. The topic or title of your research paper is a really good lead in this department.

Now you begin the task of writing the summary. Do not include any new material. This is most important. All your summary will consist of is a reinforcement of the main points in your research paper. You are reminding the reader about what they have already read.

If you like, look upon the summary as having the same structure as the rest of your research paper. Your summary will have an introduction, it will list the main points and it will have a conclusion where you sum up all that has gone before. If you write your research paper summary really well, you will reinforce all the good points you have made earlier in your writing. This can most certainly assist in getting you a seriously good mark.

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