A List Of Interesting Argumentative Research Paper Topics

All argumentative research papers topics start out with a question.  But they are not like most questions because they don’t have a definite answer and have some form of conflict with the answer.  These questions are usually put in place to give the reader a question that they can answer before reading your paper, this way they have their own view on the subject before they get your argument on the subject.  This is how you can get the reader to think about the subject is to give them the question and then you answer it in your own way.

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Is conflict necessary to have a healthy relationship?  Any couple that has been together for a while will tell you that conflict is just a way of life and it doesn’t mean that your relationship is fall apart but that you both have your own opinion on things, which can cause conflict.  But is these really a necessary part of a healthy relationship or not?
  • Customer complaints, should companies use these more often to correct problems in their company or just ignore them?  The saying “the customer is always right” has lost its appeal because some companies don’t care like they use to, I don’t know if it is because companies are so big now or if they really don’t care about them.
  • Do you think we should make the English language simpler?  With silent letters and letters that are said so many different ways, anyone just learning English would be really confused.  Do you think it is too complicated or has society just become lazy at learning the language properly?
  • Should countries have a policy that limits families to one car?  This would save the family on gas, car payments, insurance, and would free up some room on the highways but is this going to far or is it a good idea.
  • Is getting married at a young age more likely to end in a divorce or do they have the same odds as older married couples?  There are statistics on everything that you could think of, including marriage.  Look at the ages and see if younger age couple more likely to divorce than older couples.
  • Hyperactive kids, just being kids or do they need treatment?  This is a long going debate with parents and doctors on what to do with hyperactive kids.  Do the research and see what you come up with on the subject.

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