Selecting A Term Paper Topic In Economics: Tips And Examples

Usually when you write a term paper you want to make it as sophisticated as possible. Well, this does not apply for a subject like economics. In this situation, you need to keep it simple and correct, because it is not a literature essay. You need to be very careful with the information that you introduce. Statistics are important, because they can destroy your entire paper if they are not correct. Besides all this, you need to find a great topic that is not too difficult, but it is interesting in the same time. These tips will help you in your project:

  • Explain the tax system. I n every country in the world, people have to pay taxes every year. Depending on their income, they can pay a large or small amount that is established by the government. However, most of the people do not know how their taxes are being used, and how the government manages them. Explain all this and give exact information. What percent of the money is directed to the health system?

  • Solve the mystery of bank loans. Every now and then we hear about people who lost their homes because they could not pay a loan. We just assume that they were not responsible, but things are not so simple. Very often, banks have a very complicated contract that clients must sign, and the conditions that are being put there are not easy to understand. Create an imaginary situation in your paper where someone wants to take a loan from the bank. What should he do? What rules he should follow?

  • Talk about living on social benefits. The government has many programs made to help people who can’t find a job. They will receive a certain amount of money every month until they can handle everything by themselves. It sounds very noble, but in reality many people who are capable of supporting themselves apply for benefits for some extra money. How can the government prevent this?

  • Private pension. We all know that old people receive pension from the government after they retire. However, these money are usually not enough for a decent living. An alternative is to apply for a private pension, that you can manage however you want. You will pay a small amount of money every month, and this money will return to you when you will retire.

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