How to write a research paper for my college assignment

There are a great many kinds of college assignment, and the research paper is the one that should require the most work. This paper is designed to develop your skills as a researcher, and also to demonstrate your existing level of ability. But when you begin writing these kinds of papers it can be tricky to know just what to do, just how to go about it. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can efficiently write a research paper that will get you a great result!


Any essay writing guide will tell you that the primary difficulty, and the most important choice, is what to write about. Choose a subject that you know something about, and that interests you, as this will reduce both work and boredom!


When you have your topic, spend some time brainstorming all of the possible approaches to the area, and then take a little more time to put these into categories. Then choose one or two points that you would like to explore about your subject, for example, you could have chosen 20th century German History, and to approach this via the economy and political habits.


The important aspect now is to demonstrate your ability to find appropriate sources to evidence your approach, and some which take an opposite view, which you can refute and thereby strengthen your argument. This is the backbone of a research paper, and should take a good period of time, if you have it.

Develop Argument

Develop your approach and your argument around the sources that you have found. See if you can see a developing argument, which gets progressively more convincing; think of your essay as a building, with broad foundations, upon which you can build and finally decorate with fine points.


Now that you know what to say, and how to say it, plan each paragraph, and stick with the plan, which should be designed to walk your reader through your argument.


Then, simply, write your research up in as clear language as possible. Do not get bogged down with confusing jargon or technical language, make it easy for your reader!

Easy! Select, brainstorm, research, develop, plan and execute! By following these steps in writing a college research paper, you will be sure to include all relevant aspects.

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