Thesis and topic sentence examples: useful guide for students

A great topic can sell your thesis to prospective readers—if you know who you are trying to appeal to. Most often, it’s your professor and board members, which is why your topic needs to do perform on multiple levels to be effective.

Wording and the use of subject matter will get the ball rolling, but there are other factors that also play a part. Use the following guides as templates for choosing and creating your own thesis topics:

Topics that contribute

Your topic should contain an element of contribution to the field you’re writing about. Your professor will want to read something that he or she feels will benefit their understanding of the subject. Give your reader advice, teaching and assistance in a persuasive, written format.


  • History: Fact versus fallacy: The real story behind the Salem witch hearings
  • Geography: 50 years beyond: An inside look into why and how climate change will affect our planet
  • Theology/Philosophy: How to teach first year students the basics of textual hermeneutics

Topics that beg for an answer

Ask a valid question as your topic and you are sure to get a second look. Even if someone already has an opinion—or answer—to your question, they will likely still want to know what you have to say about it; especially if they are partly unconvinced of their own convictions.


  • Physics: Scientific proof: Is ‘What goes around, comes around,’ a scientific fact?
  • Marketing: What are the five advertising elements no company can survive without?
  • Business: Are there any compelling reasons why big business should remain uninvolved in political issues?

Topics that encompass two or three contributing factors

Pick three things you love about your subject and turn them into an interesting discussion. Compress that discussion into a topic sentence that promises a compelling read for your potential readers.


  • Fitness and health: The connection between nutrition and exercise
  • Math: Three unsolvable math problems and the one thing that connects them all
  • Media and television: How production and interviewing unavoidably work together in talk shows

Try using these topic suggestions as help for your own. Attempt to encompass all three for the most effective title for your thesis. Doing the think work in coming up with a topic will inevitably inspire you to write great content for your thesis.

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