How to write a proposal for an academic research paper

The proposal you write for your research paper analyzes your topic and the purpose of theory that you would present in your paper. The proposal introduces to the reader what the paper wishes to propose to do or what they want to prove. Your proposal should be an all rounder, touching all the important requirements such as arguments and an in-depth research.

It is important that the proposal gives your professor or any reader for that matter, an opportunity to give feedback on what you have presented. It is a major requirement for your paper to narrow your topic and then formulate an argument against it or for it.

Here we will provide with some guidelines about how you should construct your proposal:

  • You need to justify your topic. Explain why you chose your topic and how your topic is relevant to your course? Highlight themes or issues that are relevant to your topic.
  • Figure out your research question. If you have not already been given a research question then this is the most important part of your proposal. Once you have figured it out, and then use a paragraphs space to highlight the significance of your questions. Your research question should not be neither too narrow nor too broad. You should definitely consult your teachers to ensure your question range is suitable. Your question should give the writer enough sources, from where the research can actually be done. If you are unable to find suitable sources then reconsider your research topic and question.
  • When your research question has been settled then the next step would be to answer it. You would have to conduct a reasonable amount of research for this. Explain how an event or any circumstances can have an effect in the future.
  • Your steps need to be clear and should fully address your topic .any examples you mention should be connected to theory you will present. Your claims need to fully support your thesis statement. This is a crucial point because here you are letting the reader in about how you have structured your argument.
  • In the end, provide a list of all the sources that you have consulted. Your teachers will check how many and what kind of sources you have used. Also explain how those sources have contributed to your paper.

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