How to write a proposal for research paper properly

Before writing a research paper, the writer is bound to give in a research proposal, which would have to be approved first in order for them to proceed further. The proposal is a detailed and precise description of study related to the topic of interest

When you have your topic selected make sure that you understand the proposal requirement and purpose. Make sure that your proposal fulfills the following requirements:

  • There should be sufficient research and reading done related to the topic.
  • It should be we well thought out and should not just have an elaborated description but should also provide with a plan as to how you can contribute to the field.

Consultation from your advisor regarding the layout, page numbers, font size, and table of contents is important. It would add only to your benefit because if your proposal is well constructed then high possibility is that your proposal would be approved.

No Blueprint to a perfect proposal

There is no such particular format that needs to be followed in order to write an impressive proposal. It is actually a challenge and every proposal has its own originality. The challenge for the writer is to convince the scientific community or experts that the society has fallen prey to a scientific problem, which has not yet been recognized. In order for you to convince them, get as much information as possible of how that problem started taking root and what would be the writes approach to counter the issue. Now do not have an over-exaggerated and over-emotional document about doing this and doing that. Keep yourself very subtle and realistic. See whether you have the support, economically as well as socially.

Make sure your proposal includes the following:

  1. Title page, this would include your personal information and the topic of interest for your research.
  2. Abstract, this is a brief summary of your research topic.
  3. Literature review, this is an overview of the research state currently that is relevant to your research work.
  4. Objective, this is an outline, which needs to justify why the research is important and that effort should be made on it.
  5. Timetable; indicate a sequence of various research phases and how much time you would need on each phase.
  6. Bibliography, mention the academic work in your research.

Make sure there is no content in your proposal that is plagiarized, as that would give you an immediate rejection.

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