Essential prompts: how to write a thesis for a research paper

Besides the ‘beginning, middle and end’ rules of research paper writing, there are some important guidelines to remember when taking on the main section of your research assignment. You can learn how to make the most of your research paper by writing it well, sticking to the topic, researching properly, and not wasting your word count. Let’s explore some of these:

  • The basics of structure and editing
  • Thesis refers to the main body of your assignment. The structure of your research paper thesis should always be made up of a:

    • statement (making your presupposition),
    • evidence (presenting your facts and proving your case)
    • implications (discussing the results of your research)

    The importance of proofreading and editing your paper once it’s done is an unspoken rule for many. However, there are still students who write good research papers with bad language errors. It cannot be overstated how important spelling, grammar and punctuation are to the overall quality of your paper.

  • How to avoid slipping off your topic
  • Keep a notebook of your key points next to you at all times while writing. Make sure you’re constantly referring to these key points whenever you start a new paragraph. It’s surprisingly easy to slip off your topic while writing or even researching your subject. Sticking to your main heading is essential if you plan on making your case.

  • Uncovering information below the surface
  • Get into the habit of digging deeper. If you’ve found research information on your topic, do the following things to make it richer:

    • Find other sources that confirm the information. This often adds new elements to the data
    • Make sure the why, how, where, who and when of the information is visible. If not, dig deeper and create a fuller picture
    • Be curios and ask the right questions about the information. If need be, speak to someone who can give you a better understanding.

  • Getting rid of wasteful sentences
  • Your word count isn’t there to make sure you work a certain amount. It’s there because it corresponds with the points you will be awarded for relevant information. Don’t waste your word count on a single word that doesn’t fight for your case.

    You can either replace empty sentences with relevant ones, or you can attempt to elaborate on them to make them better. Remember that every sentence is a representative of a key idea you wish to portray—so make it a good one.

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