How To Write An Argumentative Research Paper Using A Sample

It may seem to you that writing a paper according to specific guidelines is pretty easy, much easier than having to invent something yourself. You just take the requirements, follow them carefully step by step and get your A. This sounds like a perfect thing before you actually take a look at the instructions. Half of them looks absolutely not understandable and you have absolutely no idea what to do with them and what is going on. This is were you wish to go back to high school, when the main thing was to cover the topic, and the structure was not that important. Feel lost among the numerous requirements and don't now where to start? There is always a solution! A sample paper may help.

Using the sample paper to follow the correct structure.

The first important thing a sample will assist you with is to follow the specific structure of your paper. Most of the academic papers follow the same outline:

  1. Introduction.
  2. Main Body
  3. Conclusion.

However, this is the most general scheme there could be. If you have something as specific as an argumentative research paper, here is what your detailed outline may look like:

  1. Introduction.
    • - Describe your topic.
    • - Provide backgorund information
    • - State your position.
  2. Main Body
    • - Paragraph with detailed background information.
    • - Paragraphs with supporting evidence.
    • - Paragraphs with counterarguments.
  3. Conclusion.
    • - Summing up the main body
    • - Your findings on the researched topic.

If you don't know which of you thoughts will fit best ot which part of the paper, use a sample. It would be best, if you can find a sample on a topic similar to yours, or at least on the same subject. If not, you could at least understand what you shall right about in each part of your paper.

Using the sample paper to format the paper.

The last editions of the most used citation styles provide so many details that is hard to keep everything in mind. You need to pay attention to the spelling of each and every word and punctuation of a single sentece down to every comma. The sample paper will again be very helpful. It will advise you on how to format each single part of your paper, from the running head on the title page to las entry of your bibliography. Just make sure to find a sample in the according citation style, requested by your professor.