Is It Right to Select Conversational Topics for a Research Papers?

Conversational topics and research topics are not the same thing. A research paper generally demands a research topic, a topic that can be studied and explored through research in order to find more information. A conversational topic is more like a narrative, the writer talking to the audience about a topic. Usually this tends to be different than a research topic in many ways. Here are some things that set them apart or make them alike.

  • A conversational topic does not have to be fact based
  • A research topic is mostly fact based
  • A research paper may contain the writers opinions on occasion when the facts are unclear

Conversational topics

A conversational topic does not have to be fact based at all. It can be the writer’s opinion on any topic they so choose. It may contain one-sided discussions with the reader about the topic. For example a conversational topic can be about what the reader thinks really happened on the Grassy Knoll. They can express their opinions in the form of a conversation with the reader whether the facts back them up or not. While still some papers with conversational topics have many facts included.

Fact based topics

Most research papers have fact-based topics or topics that lead to fact based papers. Mostly, when doing a research paper you stick to the facts of your given or chosen topic. What happened? To whom did it happen? When it happened? What is it? What does it do? And so on. A typical research paper discusses cold hard facts that have been researched and found to be true. This is not always the case but typically this is what is looked for in a research paper.

Research opinions  

Some sciences that are currently undergoing changes can be researched and written about. The writer is free to include their opinion of what this science may lead to even when the facts don’t yet fully support the ideas. There are many topics to which this may apply.

So to answer the question given, it is sometimes okay to use a conversational topic in a research paper as long as it does require proper research and uses that research to support its ideas. The idea of a research paper can be widely varied. Some may believe that any topic requiring research will do other may not. This is why when using a conversational topic it is best to run it by the teacher beforehand to make sure they approve.

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