Looking For A Good Example Of A Research Paper Topic Statement

When it is time to write your research paper you may want to look for examples of how others put together their topic statement. The best places are:

  • Your local library. By going in person to the library, rather than looking online, you have a wider range of papers to look at. Some older examples are less picked through and can offer a fresh perspective on different ideas.
  • You can find online examples. Many of these are readily available for just about any student to download. While you can find some great examples, you can also find some not so great ones also. Weeding through them all may take some time.
  • Your school's resource center will have some options available. They can also point you in the right direction for making sure that your project is in line with what your school and your professor expect to see for your paper.

Once you have found the place you are going to look; you need to know what to look for. The truth is there will be some samples that are less than ideal. Here are some very important rules that you need to keep in mind when looking at samples.

  1. Make sure that you are just looking, do not try to copy another person’s paper. This can be tempting knowing that this project is going to be a lot of work.
  2. Make sure you that the sample topic statement follows through the whole paper. The idea is to state what the paper is about and what it is going to cover. It should not be too short. It should be strong and to the point.
  3. You want the source to be reliable. That is very important. You do not want to take the word of someone who has no experience in writing.
  4. Be picky in the samples you choose to use for advice. You want it to be clear, honest, and from a trustworthy source. If you question anything about it, find another source.
  5. Finally, know your topic when you start looking. You want ideas that will go with your paper, not a paper to go with the sentence.

By using these steps, you can be confident that you are putting your name on something you have worked hard to create. It takes patience, but in the end it will be reflected in your grade.

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