How do you write a thesis paper to hook the reader?

Now when it comes to fishing we all know what a hook is. But there are millions of people who go fishing and who find sometimes their hook doesn't work; the fish just ain't biting. So when we talk about a hook as far as catching the attention of a reader is concerned, we need to make sure that we follow all the basics. In fishing some hooks are not productive. We need to ensure that doesn't happen when writing a thesis paper.

The first thing to concentrate on is the topic and the title. If you choose a topic in which you have a great deal of knowledge or interest or better still a great deal of passion, you give yourself a head start. But choosing the topic, as important as it is, is represented by the title of your thesis paper. Just think about it. Does the title grab your attention? Is it an eye catching title? Does it make you curious and want to know more by reading the thesis paper?

From the title comes the introduction

This is like the first meeting you have with someone you've never met before. It's the first impression you get when you first meet a stranger. So right from the beginning you need to think of a way to grab the attention of the reader. It doesn't have to be explosive or graphic or wildly controversial but it does have to be interesting.

You can afford to spend as much time as possible on getting your opening sentence correct. And inside the introduction comes your thesis statement. This is the point you intend to prove throughout your thesis paper. Is it interesting? Is your thesis statement something which the reader wants to read about?

There are many pieces of advice which are relevant regarding your thesis statement because it is the foundation of your paper. But the point we are discussing here is grabbing the attention of the reader, hooking the reader so that they want to read and will continue to read.

Often a thesis statement is a tried and tested one coming from a topic which has been discussed many times before. If this is the case, look for an unusual angle. The reader sees the title of your topic and thinks that they know what is coming next. If your thesis statement points to a new angle or a new way of looking at this topic, immediately you have hooked the reader. The reader was not expecting this unusual approach.

All it takes is a little bit of preplanning, a little bit of extra thought during the creation of your outline or plan. Look for something different. Don't copy what everybody else is doing. By having a unique approach to an interesting title you'll immediately capture the attention of the reader. They will be hooked.

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