Composing Strong Research Paper Topics For High School: List Of Hints

With an endless amount of possible topics to choose from and no idea how to narrow one down enough to write a strong research paper, how can a high school student finalize their research paper topic? This is a question many students ask. This article will give some hints on how to solve this quandary.

  1. Try clustering. Take your broad topic idea, for example school violence. Then brainstorm all the words that come to your mind that are related to it. Group them into like categories. Your list might look something like this:
    • School violence
    • Prevention
    • History
    • Teen suicides attributed to bullying
    • School shootings
    • Violence with guns at school
    • Knives at school
    • Measures of prevention
    • Social media
    • Television
    • Anti-bullying programs
  2. Take your list and combine some of the terms in different sequences. For example, a topic idea taken from the above list might be “the prevention of school violence using social media” or “the number of teen suicides attributed to bullying has declined due to the effectiveness of new anti-bullying programs.
  3. If possible, approve your topic choice with your instructor or teacher before you commence the research and writing phases. It could save you a lot of lost time and frustration!
  4. See if there is an approved list of assigned topics. If you can’t come up with your own topic idea, choosing from this list could be a safe alternative. You could tweak it a little to make it more unique.
  5. Use diagrams to see your topic in a new way. Write down ideas and draw lines between related ideas. Discover a way to create a new and unique (but feasible) topic this way.
  6. Go online and see what you can find under a general topic to help you narrow it down. For example if you’re interested in video game usage by teens and how it affects their social life, go onto YouTube and see what you can find out about it. Check Google Scholar and other sources as well. It shouldn’t take too long to find a narrow path to follow that’s related to video game usage.
  7. Choose a topic you have a great interest in. This will help you stay interested in your project and want to be very thorough because you are searching for answers to a topic you have questions about. This will make a positive impact because it shows through in your writing.

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