Are Research Term Papers So Challenging as They Seem?

Research term papers can be intimidating. But they are not as challenging as they seem. They can actually be quite easy if you follow a few steps. These steps will take that research term paper and break it down so that it doesn’t seem so challenging.

One: Create your thesis sentence

Sounds so technical huh? Don’t let it fool you. It is simply the central theme of your paper. It is the sentence that you are trying to prove from your research. This is probably the hardest part but once you have a solid thesis, the rest of the paper will fall into place.

Two: Outline your paper

This is the step that your second grade teacher made a huge deal about. She taught you how to organize your thoughts to create the backbone of your paper. She wasn’t doing this for fun or her own amusement. It is actually a critical part of writing a paper. Start with your introduction paragraph that includes background information and thesis. Follow that by your three supporting ideas and a conclusion.

Three: Research

Now that you have your three supporting ideas to prove your thesis, you can start doing some extended research. You may have already done a little research to create your thesis but now it’s time to get more than just background information. Be sure to keep citation information from all sources.

Quick tip: write your notes on index cards. This way you can shuffle them around when you start writing. You may be working on supporting paragraph one and find a great quote for supporting paragraph three. If these notes are on index cards you can stick it in the supporting paragraph three pile and utilize it when you start writing that paragraph. Plus if you see you have ten index cards for supporting paragraph two and only three for supporting paragraph one, you can transition your research focus on the first supporting paragraph. That way each idea will have roughly the same amount of supporting evidence.

Four: Start writing

Take your notes and start fleshing out your outline. Make sure to add the facts that you have collected and explain how each of these facts support your main topic. Use transitions between paragraphs to tie them together. Make sure to properly cite all sources.

Follow these four steps and your challenging term paper will be a cinch.

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