7 Best Topics for History Research Papers

If you want to find thousands of inspiring stories for your research paper, you should think about conducting a historical study. There are many topics, so you will definitely find something you want to write about and produce an outstanding paper that is interesting to the readers. The following list contains seven great examples of engaging topics to research.

  1. The early colonial empires:

    The colonial era is full of unbelievable facts and fascinating stories. The colonists experienced numerous difficulties, but managed the situation and built democratic societies. It is interesting to study the interactions between the newly arrived and the local people. The successful history of the United States is attributed to the colonial era; learn how the former colony evolved and became the modern American state.

  2. Gender issue and the movement for women’s rights:

    For centuries, women were massively discriminated. They could not participate in many social activities, and therefore did not influence world politics. It is widely known that the feminist movement was a product of the 20th century, but the first book that advocated for women was published in 1405.

  3. The American presidents:

    There were only forty-four American presidents; all of them were outstanding personalities who had their own dreams and beliefs. It is always interesting to compare their political programs and describe the achievements we should not forget.

  4. Warfare history:

    Technologies have changed significantly, and today, nations are better armed than centuries ago. In fact, many countries have enough weapons to destroy our planet. Wars are caused by many factors that are interesting to study, because doing so helps predict how likely political tensions can become military confrontations.

  5. The Arab spring:

    In 2010, the world heard about revolutionary demonstrations in the Arab League countries. For two long years, nations have fought the dictator regimes. However, today, it is hard to say that they have become free democratic societies. You can devote your research to one aspect of this massive uprising.

  6. Terrorism treats:

    It is not surprising that many research topics today are related to terrorism, especially in Arabic countries. For most people, it is hard to understand the reasons why individuals make suicide attacks and kill innocent people. Nevertheless, this is a historical phenomenon you can study and come up with your own point of view.

  7. The industrial revolution:

    It is impossible to imagine how people’s lives would look like without the industrial revolution in England. Machines changed most technological processes and forced economic development. Write about how it happened in England and other Western countries.

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