10 Quick Tips For Writing A Research Paper About Hip Hop

Music is a very important part of a teenager’s life. They express their feelings through music, they memorize lyrics and they live with the headphones in their ears. Of course, adults don’t usually agree with the kind of music that teenagers listen; they consider that rap or hip hop music has a bad influence and it can make young people behave in the wrong way. If you write a research paper on this topic, you have the chance to change their opinion. These 10 quick tips are worth considering:

  1. Be friendly. Your colleagues are sick of being lectures about how bad hip hop is. If you want to change their mentality in any way and to make them pay attention, you need to behave like a friend, not like a teacher.
  2. Don’t use vulgar words. Like it or not, some songs contain bad words. You can listen to whatever you want, but make sure that you do not mention them in class. It would be completely disrespectful for your colleagues and professor.
  3. Be realistic. You are a teenager, so you might be tempted to support a certain type of music even when you shouldn’t. Try to be objective and realistic.
  4. Start with the history of hip hop. A few years ago, this kind of music was a sign of rebellion against the unjust rules of society.
  5. The founders of hip hop. Tell your classmates about the first artists who adhered to this style.
  6. Let them listen! Choose a few songs that are representative (and appropriate) and bring them to class. They will understand better what you want to say.
  7. Try to see from the other perspective. There are, indeed, many nice songs that talk about life. Also, there are others who express violence and urges the teenagers to try drugs or alcohol.
  8. Does it really have an impact on young people’s lives? Try to be realistic and to really see if hip hop can affect people in a bad way. Do you have any clear example?
  9. Challenge your colleagues to discuss. In this way you will all bring ideas in discussion and your professor will be happy that everyone is interested.
  10. Try to tell your professor your point of view about this. He might think that hip hop is a bad influence, so you can show him why this kind of music can be helpful.

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