How to Come Up with Interesting Research Paper Topics: a Quick Tutorial

Writing a research paper is not an easy task. If you want this process to become interesting and exciting, you should find an intriguing and unique topic. Of course, great research paper ideas don’t just fall from the sky. Our tips will help you create an impressive topic for your research paper:

  1. Write about something that interests you.

    You can write about something that’s dry and boring, but it’s definitely better to get involved in what you are writing and be passionate about your topic. Learn more about things that are interesting to you and try to reveal your impressions in your paper. Do not choose topics that are too common. It’s better to concentrate on your field of study or on topics that are familiar to you. If you are limited on time, it’s better to choose controversial topics that represent two different points of view.

  2. Review your past works.

    Remind yourself of some successful and memorable topics from your past research. Of course, you shouldn’t copy them; use these topics as inspiration for your new research. You can just develop a new direction of any idea. This method can make your readers feel that they’re reading about something familiar and new simultaneously.

  3. Start with general topics and narrow them down.

    List some topics that interest you and narrow them down to get new and more effective topics for the research paper. You can get some help from your instructor or lecturer, or just surf the Internet to develop your idea. This method is useful for students who are limited on time, because narrow topics require less efforts and time in terms of research.

  4. Brainstorming.

    A popular method of creating new topics is brainstorming. It is a simple process – you should just list all the ideas that come to your mind. Lots of successful research paper topics were created and developed through this process. It can be more effective if your friends or classmates join it, because gathering a few more minds together is always promising. Talk about things that interest you. It can be something controversial so that you can discuss it. Don’t forget to prepare a list of general popular topics as a foundation of your brainstorming. Your little discussion will quickly develop into a great source of ideas. You can also use this method of narrowing down if you come up with a broad topic. Just brainstorm all the words and concepts related to your topic.

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