Psychology term paper topics

Now as any psychology student will know the word psychology has a Latin root which involves studying the human mind. In fact we can say that psychology is a science which studies human behaviour and mental health. It is not easy to give a short definition of all the areas of study involved in psychology. There are many such areas including the following.

  • clinical psychology
  • social psychology
  • child psychology
  • industrial psychology

So as a psychology student, being asked to write a term paper, you will be aware of the fact that the choice of psychology term paper topics is of vital importance. Because there are so many aspects to the study of psychology, you, the student, have a veritable choice of topics. One of the pitfalls in choosing a topic is that the psychology student is not specific enough.

Because psychology has so many areas or aspects, and because each of these areas or aspects is so detailed and involved, and less you are specific in choosing a term paper topic, you will find yourself swamped with information. The expression ‘too much information’ will certainly apply in your situation. For example if you decided to write a term paper about memory, that would put you in a position where you would be swamped with research material. You would be far better off, far, far better off by changing the topic to ‘Does age change your memory?’ You will give yourself a serious break by honing in on a very specific aspect of psychology. Choice of psychology term paper topics needs careful planning.

Here are some psychology term paper topics

  • Does schizophrenia impact young people?
  • Can governments enact laws which force people to behave a certain way?
  • Is memory more or less affected by one's gender?
  • What does stress due to a person's physical health?
  • Is there anything wrong with a designer baby?
  • Are there any dangers in sexting?
  • Why do people self-harm?
  • What impact does an abortion have on the mother's mental health?
  • What are the long-term effects of binge drinking?

Tips when choosing a psychology term paper topic

Make sure that the thesis statement or hypothesis of your essay is strong. Make sure that it has the potential to provide a great deal of research material upon which you can create your term paper.

Consider choosing topics which are in the news. Topical issues can be more readily accessible in terms of research material and are likely to be more relevant to the person marking your paper.

If you are stuck for ideas for a psychology term paper topic, current newspapers and websites are often an excellent source. Finally if you can access resource material off your own bat, this can be self-satisfying and impress the person marking your paper.

Research paper ideas

Finding research paper ideas is not difficult. You can do it yourself by simply going online and looking at websites which cover current affairs and the news of the day. Your local newspaper will likely have a variety of topics many of which can be turned into research paper topics. Here are a few examples.

  • Does the government policy help or hinder the fight against terrorism?
  • Should the government lower the drinking age?
  • Should the government to lower the age of consent?
  • When will the world stop fighting wars?
  • What is the cause of hate crimes?
  • Is it ever justifiable to break the law?
  • Who is responsible for child obesity?
  • Is global warming a real and serious threat to humankind?

Now as you can see, these topics are based upon current affairs or events in society today. Seek and ye shall find.

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