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Why should you write an outline for your thesis paper?

One should write an outline for their thesis paper because it helps you to organize your thoughts, ideas, and arguments for your thesis paper.  An outline will guide you on how to write your thesis paper and makes it much easier for you to write the thesis paper.  A good outline will ensure that you have all the major points needed for your thesis, will ensure that you are organized when writing the thesis paper, and an outline ensures that you do not miss any major arguments or points you want to present in the thesis paper.  An outline is a blueprint that one uses to guide them in writing the thesis paper.

What should be included in the thesis paper outline?


The outline for your thesis paper should include the following:

  •  Introduction: includes the thesis statement or thesis question; provides a general overview of what will be discussed in your thesis; and grabs the attention of your targeted reader to want to read the thesis paper.
  • Body: it will outline the main points that will be discussed in the thesis paper and gives examples, details, and explanations for each main point.
  • Conclusion: just summarizes the introduction, main points, and explains why your position on the topic should be followed.
  • The outline should just include a few sentences for each main point, thesis statement, and conclusion.
  • The outline should just be seen as the boilerplate or road map for your actual thesis paper.

How to write an awesome outline for the thesis paper?

Here are some steps to follow to write an effective outline for your thesis paper:

  • Choose the topic you will write about in the thesis paper.  At this stage it is okay to have a broad topic and use the outline to narrow your topic choice.
  • Should brainstorm on at least three topics and create an outline for each one to see which topic would be best to write a thesis paper on.
  • The body of the outline is where you state the purpose and position you have on the topic that has been chosen for the thesis paper.
  • Ensure that your outline follows your professor’s or instructor’s specifications on how they would like the outline formatted and written.
  • With the outline you need to determine what order you would like to organize the main points of the topic.
  • Ensure that you identify the main points and main categories of the topic in the outline.
  • Each main point should have at least two sentences.
  •  Do not be afraid to expand each main point by having sub-points within each one.

With a well-written, organized, and effective outline, you will be able to write an excellent thesis paper.

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