Video Games Are Good For You: A List Of Research Paper Topics

Video games have become very popular nowadays. They play a big role in the lives of many children, teenagers, and even adults. If you have an opportunity to write a research paper related to video games, seize it immediately. It’s always good to research something that is interesting to you. Here are some examples of the video games topics that can inspire you in writing your own brilliant paper.

  1. History of video games.
  2. This topic allows you to talk about the creation of the first video games and further development of this industry. Describe the numerous current genres that evolved from simple games of the past.

  3. Game design.
  4. Your research paper can be related to the work of game designers. It’s a vast topic that includes the work of animators, level designers, composers, voice actors, and many other people.

  5. Gender roles in video games.
  6. Investigate what roles are given to males and females in video games. Are there some consistent stereotypes or trends that have been changing over the years?

  7. The impact of video games on real economy.
  8. It’s an interesting topic as it allows you to investigate whether sales of particular video games influence sales of other products. For example, if a game about guitarists becomes popular, do guitar sales increase?

  9. The influence of video games on child development.
  10. Explore in your research paper whether playing certain video games can change a child’s personality. For example, can a boy become more courageous in real life if his character in a video game is a brave hero?

  11. The impact of video games on human behavior.
  12. This topic is similar to the previous one, but differs from it. The question here is whether it’s possible for players to learn something from games and apply it in real lives. Can we send essential messages through the games?

  13. Video games as art.
  14. Here you can discuss whether we can consider video games as art. Does this apply to all video games or only some subset?

  15. Comparison of a certain video game to a real event.
  16. You can pick a video game that has allusions on some real events or literature titles and discuss it.

  17. Influence of real-time strategy games.

    You can investigate in you research paper how RTSs might accelerate your thinking speed and help in developing multitasking skills.

  18. Famous gamers.
  19. You can pick a famous gamer and talk about his or her success. Discuss whether it results from luck or hard work.

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