Where to Find Trustworthy Examples of Research Papers in the APA Format

Writing a research paper can be truly difficult, especially if you are new to the process. Writing a research paper in APA format can be even more difficult. Knowing where to put each citation and how to list a graph or table can give any student new to the field a headache. Thankfully one of the best ways to familiarize you with the layout and template for APA format is through examples.

So where can you find trustworthy examples of research papers in APA format?

The internet is a treasure trove of such examples:

  • You can find examples of published papers from other students
  • You can find examples of published papers on the APA website
  • You can find examples from educational websites
  • You can find examples from your school website
  • You can even download templates that are set up in APA format, which you can use to merely copy and paste your essay and references into.

If you are struggling with your references, there are many websites that offer guides on how to set up the in-text and reference page citations for APA format. There are even websites that, for a fee, will let you insert the information for the source and will churn out an APA style reference page for you that can be downloaded and inserted into your paper. These sites will take all of your sources and arrange them properly and alphabetically. You can just select the type of source, and it will ask you what information needs to be included in the citation. You fill in the information and hit enter. It automatically does it. You can then copy and paste each individual citation, or you can wait until you have entered them all and download the entire reference page.

Your school texts and teachers are also great places to find such examples:

  • You can request samples from previous students
  • You can review samples at the library from previous students
  • You can find samples in your textbooks

So, there are many sources out there that can provide you with samples of research papers in APA format. By reviewing multiple samples from multiple sources, you can get a better feel for how to set up your paper. Some samples might have errors, others might have sections that you are not required to include, which is why the more you review, and the better off you will be.

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