Where to Get Research Paper Abstract Examples for Free

The abstract of a research paper

The abstract of your paper is a brief summary of your total work (either completed or under progress). It will take only a minute or two for the reader to understand the basic purpose of your paper.

Why is it important

The abstract of your research paper is very important because it can explain the reader within a few sentences the aim, purpose, direction, research, and conclusion of your research paper. They will also see what new questions will your paper look at and the conclusion of your research work.

Where can you find free abstracts for research paper?

The abstract of the research paper is written after the paper is complete. This is obvious, because you have to summarize your paper and you will be able to do it once it is done. If you complete your paper and realize that the abstract is not your thing, and you cannot write it on your own, you certainly need help. There are places and even professional writers who can help you with your abstract but of course, they will charge a fee for it. However, you are looking free abstracts of research paper. This article will give you some useful information on that. It is important to remember that the abstract of your paper should be custom written. You cannot copy and paste something from another research paper as your own abstract. It has to be the summary of your paper.

On the internet

The internet is the best place to look for solution to any problem. Whatever you type in your search engine, you will see numerous results against it. It would be a good idea to go to different forums and communities and interact with the members. You may develop a good interaction with someone who can have a look at your paper and help you in writing the abstract. This will not end here; virtual friendships go a long way. They do you a favor, you can someday return it, and it goes on.

Ask your friends and seniors

You can always ask your friends who have already written abstracts for their papers. They may be able to help you because they have been there. However, only a close friend can show such dedication to your task.


  • Look in the research paper guidebooks
  • Look at an online agency

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