A List Of Powerful Research Paper Writing Ideas About The Libyan Civil War

The civil war in Libya has had serious implications for the country, as well as the wider region in northern Africa. In fact, not only has the African continent been affected by events that have occurred during the Libyan civil war, but Europe has seen an influx of immigrants trying to escape the atrocities that they face if they stay in the country.

As a result, it is a subject that is capable of producing a wide range of different powerful ideas that can be written about when producing a research paper. In fact, you may wish to look at how the war started, as well as what has happened since it began. Furthermore, you may wish to look at things from a wide range of different perspectives; for example, you may wish to look at the general population, and how it has affected them. Alternatively, you may wish to look at any leaders in the country, and what impact it has had on them, as well as the impact they have then had on the country. Equally, you may wish to look at the lives of other people, such as those from other countries, who have been touched by the war in some way.

For some further ideas to think about, you may wish to read the suggestions below.

  • Discuss the importance and role of human rights in relation to the Libyan civil war
  • What effect did the death of Colonel Gadhafi have on Libyan and how important was his death in terms of the causes of the Libyan civil war?
  • How much blame should be put on the West for the outbreak of the civil war in Libya?
  • Has the West done enough to promote peace in Libya since the outbreak of the civil war?
  • What has been the human cost – in terms of death and injuries – as a result of the civil war in Libya?
  • Compare and contrast the civil war in Libya with other conflicts that have occurred or are still occurring in that region of the world?
  • What role does religion play in the civil war in Libya?
  • What has been the economic impact of the civil war in Libya?
  • To what extent have democracy and free elections existed in a post-Gadhafi Libya, and how has the civil war been exploited so that the desire of the people has been ignored?
  • How accurately are events reported about in relation to the civil war in Libya?

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