Easy Topics for a Research Paper in Sociology

Sociology studies society or social groups of people, including their traditions and practices. If you have to choose a topic for a research paper in sociology, you have many interesting subjects to write about. A great thing is that culture is constantly changing, and you can prepare a work about the newest trends and the most unusual things in a society’s development. Look through the umbrella topics below and compose your own.

Ethnos, Race and Nationality

This area is the most popularly studied. People are different, and sociologists learn the causes and effects of such differences. If you use population census data, you can come up with various paper topics that might include the following:

  • Changes in the population demographic structure.
  • Education levels of ethnical minorities.
  • Correlation between marriage age and social status.
  • Intercultural migration: causes and effects.

The Role of Mass Media

It is hard to imagine how sociologists would conduct their research and share the results without mass media. TV, radio, and newspapers reflect everything that happens in a society. Students can find numerous research topics, such as:

  • How are different celebrities presented in the media?
  • What makes talk shows so popular?
  • Why do people purchase certain products after watching commercials?
  • What is the role of children’s television?

Food Culture

Sociology of food is an emerging area of research. People are often curious about how food is made and consumed. Prepare your paper about one of these topics:

  • Vegetarianism: why is it so popular among certain social groups?
  • Food regulations: how do we know that the food is safe?
  • What is the place of origin of the food we consume?
  • The role of GMOs in feeding the growing populations in developing countries.

Gender Issues

Sociology of gender includes important topics concerning the role of men and women in business and politics:

  • Differences in salaries of men and women.
  • Male and female professions.
  • Typical gender stereotypes.
  • Feminism and its influence on gender equality.

Revolutions and Social Movements

Different changes happen in societies. Individuals form social groups and set new goals. In most cases, they use legal ways to accomplish their objectives. However, from time to time, uprisings and violence take place. Students find it fascinating to understand the reasons why people want to make these changes and how they act. Choose one of these movements to write about:

  • The Arab Spring.
  • Antiglobalism movement.
  • Climate change movement.
  • Movement for peace.

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