Guidelines on research paper topics for college English

There is no doubt whatsoever that the first step or issue or aspect in creating guidelines on research paper topics for college English, is the choice of topic. Get that right and you are well on the way to producing an excellent research paper. Get it wrong and you are in for a possible world of trouble.

By the time you get to writing research papers at the college level, you will find yourself much more on your own. Of course the academic staff members are there to assist wherever possible but it is up to you to take the initiative. One perfectly sound piece of advice is that if you have chosen a research paper topic, run it past your teacher or professor before you begin the research and writing process. Remember that the choice of topic determines everything which follows.

Do not copy

This piece of advice applies certainly from the plagiarism point of view, but equally from the methodology or approach which you adopt. Where possible you want to make your research paper original and unique. If you are writing on the same topic and using the same methodology as another student or students in your group, you immediately have competition. By referring your topic before you start writing to your supervisor, you can find yourself safe from being in a position of doing what somebody else is doing.

Do you love the topic?

It is always the case that a student will write with more enthusiasm when the topic of the research paper is one which appeals to them. The opposite is also true. If the topic doesn't appeal then the writing task becomes a grind. This then is reflected in the work produced by the student. Go out of your way to find a research paper topic which excites and interests you.

Can you change your topic?

Well before you start any writing you will tackle the research and planning aspects of your research paper. So what happens if in doing this background work you discover that there is a paucity of material which is relevant and helpful? What happens if you find the subject is not as interesting as you thought it might be? It might well be possible for you to change. Talk with your supervisor about this but understand that the choice of topic is vital to your success.

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