Noteworthy tips on how to write a background research paper

Every essay and every research paper in particular depends to a very large degree on the amount and quality of research carried out by you the student. As the saying goes, ‘if you fail to prepare you prepare to fail’. And a significant part of your preparation or research for your research paper is the collection of background information. This part of your research paper is what you draw upon once you start to create your research paper.

There are a number of ways you can go about improving your background material. They include the following topics.

  • Is there more than one definition of the topic?
  • Do you have a general overview of the topic?
  • Can you list the main points or key issues?
  • Have you got a list of resources for your topic?
  • What are the key words upon which your research paper will be based?

It may surprise you that the topic you have chosen for your research paper can be approached, looked at or even defined in more than one way. If that's the case you must certainly be aware of the situation. This situation is very much a part of the background to the writing of your research paper. Be absolutely certain of your definition and be aware of others if they exist.

The outline or plan of your research paper can very well be based on your overview of the topic. Are you able in a single page to list all the points you intend to make? If so this is a vital part of the background for your writing. Remember that your outline is a mini version of your background.

You must be able to list the main points or key issues you intend to elaborate upon in your research paper. They must be able to stand alone and, at the same time, blend into one another and support one another.

The background to your research paper involves discovering resource material available for your topic. Never ever begin tackling a research paper unless you are certain there is enough reliable and relevant research material.

It is a good exercise in creating a background to your research paper to simply list every one of the key words related to your topic. Having that list of key words will dictate the way you go about building up the background to your task.

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