The Top 10 World Geography Term Paper Topic Ideas For College Students 

Writing a term paper in geography is a very engaging task. When investigating the topic, you will acquire precious knowledge of how it all works on our planet. This is a great endeavor, isn’t it? However, you should be well-prepared to succeed. Your paper should base on valid and recent data, and you should understand the subject on the highest level. Choose an interesting and strong topic for your paper, and it’ll be easier for you to work on. The following topic ideas may come in handy:

  1. The phenomenon of continental drift and its effect on the Earth’s landscape.
  2. In your term paper, give the reasons for continental drift and describe the signs of this process. Explain how it influences the landscape changes of our planet.

  3. Natural wonders of the world.
  4. Explore spectacular places and structures that have been created by nature. Choose the most fascinating ones, like the Great Barrier Reef, Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, Puerto Princesa Underground River, etc. How were these wonders created? Why did they appear? How do they affect the lives of their countries? Add the pictures of these amazing creations.

  5. Geography versus culture.
  6. Investigate how unique cultures of different countries are influenced by their geographic conditions. Choose any natural region on the map and conduct a research. How do people live there? What natural resources are used? What traditions did appear as a result?

  7. The influence of geographical factors on a climate.
  8. How does the existing location of continents affect the Earth climate? What do ocean currents, proximity to equator, elevation do for a climate change?

  9. The problem of coastal erosion.
  10. Explain the phenomenon of coastal erosion. What factors are responsible for erosion rates? How can coastal erosion be controlled?

  11. The contribution of Geographic Information System (GIS) to the development of geographical science.
  12. What is GIS? How does it work? What can be done by means of this system?

  13. The role of a sextant in the celestial navigation.
  14. What is a sextant? How can it help detect you location on the sea? How does it work? Can it be relied upon?

  15. The problem of landslides.
  16. Why do landslides occur? How can they be predicted?

  17. Earthquakes: reasons, effects, and measuring.
  18. Explore this phenomenon. Look deeper and find out mythological and religious explanations of earthquakes.

  19. Volcanic eruptions.
  20. Conduct a research on volcanic eruptions. What are the types of eruptions? What effects do volcanic eruptions have?

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